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    October 19, 1963: The Beatles performing in Pavilion Gardens Ballroom, Buxton. 

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    John Lennon listens to music in the back of his Rolls-Royce during a break in How I Won The War.

    The TV and radio console has gone missing and the new owner would like to locate it.

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    The Beatles - Hey Jude: Rehearsal Footage {x}

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    Love this album! #thebeatles #paulmccartney #georgeharrison #ringostarr #johnlennon

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    Paul going to Can’t buy me love’s session.

    my color edit

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    You remember little things about people. I remember sort of seeing him and he comes in and gives me a hug and says ‘touching is good.’ I’ll never forget that. Touching is good. So I do a lot of hugging now.”

    -Paul McCartney on John Lennon

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